Activity Sensor Seat Pad for Computerized Polygraph

Our Activity Sensor Pad Model 76879S is an accessory to the Lafayette Instrument LX5000 and LX4000 Computerized Polygraph Systems. It is designed to detect subtle movements as well as gross movements of a subject during a polygraph examination. By providing a graphic record of subject movement, the Activity Sensor allows the polygraph examiner to concentrate on administering the exam instead of trying to observe movement.

The sensor pouch is located under the seat of the subject. As the subject moves, the pressure changes are detected from the pouch. The Activity Sensor is constructed with multiple sensors to detect movement over the entire area of the seat. Unlike the previous weight sensing Activity Sensors, this unit provides automatic zeroing of the measurement range independent of the weight. It also eliminates the “out of measurement range” problem that frequently occurred on the old Activity Sensor.

The Activity Sensor is a precision instrument capable of detecting very slight subject movement. With the sensitivity of the polygraph set high, the Activity Sensor may detect heartbeats or respiration signal on some subjects. Although the Activity Sensor is very sensitive, its design is kept simple for ease of operation and to provide many years of trouble free operation. The Activity Sensor plugs into the auxiliary input. Once the subject is seated in the chair, the signal can be centered and magnified using the same computer control used on the standard four polygraph signals.

Because of its unique design, the activity sensor can be used on almost any subject chair. Simply lay the pouch on the seat of the chair.

  • ·         Unique design allows you to monitor subject movement with any chair the subject may be sitting in with your Computerized Polygraph System
  • ·         Designed for maximum sensitivity and portability
  • ·         Picks up the most subtle movements via its stable tracing and is very easy to use and interpret