Latent Print Powder Brushes – Natural Hair

Natural hair brushes are the most commonly used brushes for developing latent prints. We offer a wide variety of lengths, shapes, and types of soft, high quality natural hair brushes.

Each brush is packaged in a clear plastic tube with a cap to prevent damage to the hairs when not in use. Our wooden brush handles are painted with a high gloss black enamel for easy cleaning.

(A) Black Goat Hair – Flat, 9.5″ L
(B) Black Goat Hair – Flat, 7″ L
(C) Pony Hair – Flat, 7″ L
(D) Black Goat Hair – Flat, 7″
(E) Kazan Squirrel Hair – Rounded, 6.375″ L
(F) Black Squirrel Hair – Rounded, 6.75″ L
(G) Black Goat Hair – Flat, 6.5″ L
(H) Camel Hair – Flat, 4.5″ L
(I) Camel Hair – Flat, 6″ L

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